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May 6, 2016


 #COUPLED girls, getting their Sun, Beach flirt and diamonds fix at a fun day at the beach! :) 


After spending a month of the good, bad, ugly, funny and the plain ridicules with 12 girls on a Caribbean island in surreal conditions trying to find love an...

April 25, 2016

Perks of Living in NYC, Culture fun! 


Discussing art - colors shapes 

Stories behind the paintings

how the art feels, how we feel about it

exploring the structure

etiquette (being quiet, not touching)

Thinking outside the box

Art Magnets 

Being inspired to create art at...

April 18, 2016

I have been songwriting since the year 1997.

I started playing guitar in the year 2000.

I started playing in front of people in 2006

I first performed on stage in 2010.

I released my solo album independently in 201