Ehud Segev


Ehud Segev is a portraiture and fashion photographer based in Tel-Aviv.

His work satirically enhances the plastic illusion our society has succumb to believe and strive for. Not looking for truth, but highlighting our desires, our dreams and imaginations.

His modern understanding that our society is imitating animation, most of millennial dance like a Pixar character and sound like one as well, is represented strongly in his work. 

His images are saturated in neon colors and flashy candy elements, which make them fun and happy to watch, however, taking a closer look, we will find a deeper truth - his personal commentary on modern visual trends. 

Most of Israels celebrities have been photographed by Ehud Segev. 

This series "spiritual atheist" merges spirituality, pop to create 


Photographer Ehud Segev Model Michael Lewis Creative Michelle Tam Fashion Eyal Hagbi Location Segev studio 


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