Michelle Tam has been introduced to the world of business and real estate since she could walk, talk and sit. Her father, an Israeli real estate entrepreneur took her with him to all of his meetings, he trusted her pure instincts and as she grew into adolescence she became more and more inquisitive. Michelle's Natural curiosity has helped her ease naturally into the business world. Growing up Michelle's family traveled a lot and lived in different countries around the world, that contributed to her ability to adapt and relate to different cultures, mentalities and in result a broad variety of clients. Michelle is part of the New York City real estate world since 2011, and what she might lack in experience she makes up for in hard work, loyalty, dedication, honesty, great instincts and a wide net of long lasting connections. Michelle takes pride in her humble, ambitious, natural ease and kind attitude, along side with her love for the finer things in life, her boldness and no 'BS-tell-it-like-it-is" approach to business and NYC real estate. Michelle attributes her success in the business world with maintaining long lasting and satisfactory relationships with clients, colleagues, building owners and even coffee vendors. One never knows who might be the key to ones success, sometimes a coffee vendor can give you a tip on an owner that wants to sell, and if anything, one might just get a great conversation :) Kindness and patience always pay off. Michelle resides around Columbus circle and is a single mother to her beautiful son, Ethan. www.essence-realty.com www.michelle-tam.com

Michelle Tam | Real Estate