Family Matters

Life isn’t easy, it's full of challenges and tests, full of self-learning, full of questions, full of doubt. One thing is certain, we all have the ability to have support, if we just let it, that support, is FAMILY.

If they are childhood friends, strangers you met along the way and for some reason you let them into your heart more than anyone else, if they are teachers or students, or if they are your actual family, they exists, and it is a beautiful moment when you realize that LIFE is NOT meant to be lived ALONE. that there is greatness, power and fulfillment in letting others who love you, carry you, help you, guide you, and that you can do the same for them.

For me this realization surprisingly did not come with motherhood, it came 2 years after, when I finally took 3 weeks to myself and realized I CANT do everything alone, and that life is so much better and happier when I let people in.

This three week journey I will share with you all in due time, soon... until then,

Here is a collection of my "Family", I love you all! Thank you!

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