Diamonds, Sun, Girls

#COUPLED girls, getting their Sun, Beach flirt and diamonds fix at a fun day at the beach! :)

After spending a month of the good, bad, ugly, funny and the plain ridicules with 12 girls on a Caribbean island in surreal conditions trying to find love and dealing with insecurities, friendships, fights and cameras - there is no denying that a sort of a unique bond was made.

Some of us managed to arrange to meet in Los Angeles over the last week. a sort of reunion, Was fun.

Jewelry by ETHAN MICHELLE boutique

Photography by Kristin Kirgan

Camera and Beauty by Beautini

Smiles courtesy of LA sunshine

Surfer boy by female intuition

Bikinis by Mikoh and others

Friendship made possible by COUPLED

The Girls Facebook Pages,

Michelle, Kristin, Brittany, Alyssa, Talyah.

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